WHA!? MUSIC present Summer of Love 2008

Summer of Love 2008

01 Step Together // Phil RetroSpector
Happy Mondays VS the Beatles
02 Pinball Wizard in the Drivers Seat // Apollo Zero
Dogtooth VS Who VS Cook’s County
03 Black Acieed // dj lobsterdust
Ram Jam VS D-Mob
04 What’s That Sound? // World Famous Audio Hacker
Buffalo Springfield VS 808 State VS Deee-Lite VS Prince VS Duran Duran
05 Here Comes The Sunscreem // Bobby Martini
Sunscreem VS the Beatles
06 Land Of Oz (Summer of Love Mix) // Flying White Dots
Manuel Gottsching VS Latino VS Grace Jones VS Pink Floyd VS The Orb VS Opus 3 VS Bjork VS Masters At Work VS The KLF
07 diamond pressure // Simon Iddol
Richard Wahnfreid feat. Klaus Shultze, Manuel Gottsching, Mike Shrieve and Karl Wahnfried VS Little Louie Vega with Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee and Julie McKnight

Summer of Love 2008 // WHA002

Caravan of Love

The Caravan of Love Collection is the bonus gift of the Summer of Love 2008 compilation. Each artist from the album has designed a VW bus and you can find them in a handy print ready booklet feature in the zip file.
Print them all and set up your very own Caravan of Love!

download links
[alternate download DivShare]

please don’t rehost the file, but feel free to use these links! THX!

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