The Beatles Remixers Group present: YCMT XIII
Their latest collection of all your favourite numbers from the Fab-Four,
reimagined & reloaded for your listening displeasure…

You Can’t Mash That Volume XIII

01. Til There Was You – Phattbuzz
02. There She Goes Holdin Your Hand – Phil Retrospector
03. Yesterday Hurt – Child Of Nature
04. Too Late For Eleanor – MP3J
05. Paperback Believer Revisited – MP3J
06. Paint It Pepper – BDJ
07. The Wumberlog – BDJ
08. A Sky Blue Rhapsody – CCC
09. Baby You’re Where It’s At – TJT
10. Bulldog Mash – Phattbuzz
11. Jude’s Drunken Trumpet – DJ not I
12. Why Don’t We Do It At Lucky Seven – Phattbuzz
13. Why Don’t We Revelate Together – MP3J
14. Ain’t She Sweet – BDJ
15. 10th Together – DJ not I
16. Taking Care Of Beatles – MP3J


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