BACK TO VIRGINITY – Madonna vs Amy Winehouse

So this is what happened when Madge took a wrong turn at taboo and ended up in Winosville

Sounds like: A shocking sonic page torn from the heart diary
of a Beat-Generation High-School Gal.
File Under: They gave her a bad name… and she’s about to live up to it!

Oh yeah there’s a complimentary lifetime supply of “Catholic Guilt”
for the first 50 downloads…


8 thoughts on “BACK TO VIRGINITY – Madonna vs Amy Winehouse

  1. Hey Phil,
    What can I say. Truly brilliant and adds something to both of the original tracks.
    That’s what this mashup lark is all about innit? Surely?
    Great work my friend


  2. [OT]
    Heh, the first few times I read your comments, I thought it said “Catholic Girl.” I think that must mean that I am a very bad person.

  3. Considering the most excellent Amy Crackhouse song has been overkilled by the radio amd every Karaoke bar in the country, it is refreshing to hear the old hag Madge being put over this very simple little but catchy riff of Amys! Nice…

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