Looking Back is a Losing Game – Featurette

A couple of you have who the guy on the cover of Looking Back is a Losing Game?
His name is Taylor Mead, writer & performer now 84 years young,  Taylor starred as Tarzan in Andy Warhol’s Tarzan is credited with being “the first underground movie star.”  A beloved icon of the downtown New York art scene since the 60s, he more recently  appeared in  Jim Jarmusch’s  Coffee and Cigarettes.

The other character in the footage is none other than Jackie Curtis, trangendered film star, poet and playwright. Curtis was also known as the “Jackie” in Lou Reed‘s
Walk On The Wild Side .

“Jackie is just speeding away –
Thought she was James Dean for a day…
then I guess she had to crash,
valium would have helped that bash”

As a strange little footnote to this, Jackie Curtis is responsible for giving
Robert De NIro
his break in her play
Glamour, Glory and Gold
Now that’s showbiz!

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