APC TOP 10 – October

Yikes, this self-confessed melancholic went all the way to #5 in this months
APC chart. Full listings below…

# 01 IAMX – Spit It Out (DESIGNER DRUGS REMIX) [link]
huge, theatrical, massive, addictive
# 02 Suck Shaft – Touchy Touchy [link]
catchy catchy
# 03 DJ Earworm – Reckoner Lockdown [link]
our Master made these elements quite enjoyable
# 04 DJ Zebra – Roxanne should be dancing [link]
Roxanne’s red light disco
# 05 Phil RetroSpector – Back To Virginity [link]
Madonna got back her innocence
# 06 Copycat – Singing that A-ha melody [link]
singin’ dancin’ cheesin’
# 07 Pheugoo – Give your rockin’ body away [link]
hardcore pop funk rock pink
# 08 DJ Y Alias JY – Can’t Stand Beggin’ [link]
be proud to beg
# 09 G3RSt – Bloom To Me [link]
swing, yepp swing
# 10 Au Revoir Simone – Sad Song (Pacific! Remix) [link]
the happiest sad song ever?

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