Bhangra Bootay


In this album, you will hear Grand Master Flash, Busta Rhymes, James Blunt, Jimi Hendrix, Madonna, The Supremes, Snoop Dogg and many more given a Bhangra twist. Consisting of 15 tracks over 2 sides of “Bhanging” tracks from your favorite underground producers.  Full Tracklisting Below:

Side A
1.Blunt Bhangra –
2. Kasak The Itchy Dog – sfreeman41
3. Deepur & Deepur – mARKYbOY

4. Booty Bhangras – MaxwellJump

5. Hollar And Pump It Like It’s Hot – DJ Spider

6. Can’t Get Enough At Toms Diner – neiltomo & Bobby Martini
7. Busta Bhangra – Guv’nor
8. The Message of Dhoom – mARKYbOY

Side B
1. Dont Cry Beloved Fool – Oscar TG
2. Fancy Ru Ba Ru – DJ Useo
3. You Can’t Curry Love – The Reborn Identity
4. Half Rice, Half Chips – mattbland
5. Hey Bhangra Ladies – Mr Rusty
6. Into Bhangroove – Phil Retrospector
7. F.E.A.R In Lila’s Eyes – Bobby Martini

Bhangra Bootay [zip file]

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