APC TOP 10 – December


#01 Flying White Dots – 3D [link]
the mashup album of the year rules the chart this month
#02 DJ Earworm – United State of Pop 2008 (Viva La Pop edit) [link]
The Wizard did it again
#03 Guilty Pleasures – Volume Three / we wanna be your mp3 [link]
our loud and noizy Xmas present
#04 The Hood Internet – Eye Of The Sundown [link]
old classic VS nu classic
#05 BRAT – Easy Heaven [link]
a mashup made in Heaven
#06 Simon Iddol – lollibon (MaDiSoN VS Daleduro) [link]
#07 Lykke Li – Little Bit (Suck Shaft Remix) [link]
maybe the best Little Bit remix
#08 Phil RetroSpector – Jude’ll Fix It [link]
yes She will
#09 Divide & Kreate – Livin’ la vida [link]
#10 MGMT – Kids (Pet Shop Boys Remix) [link]
and its NOT even fake

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