#01 IAMX – Spit It Out (DESIGNER DRUGS REMIX) [link]
cos we wanna survive the nightlife
#02 Junior Boys – No Kinda Man [link]
one of the best mellow electro songs ewwa
#03 The Golden Filter – Solid Gold [link]
nu disco powwa
#04 Duffy – Mercy (Dunproofin’s Thankful Mix) [link]
Dun’ remixed Duffy way before anybody, shame that its not an official mix
#05 Simon Iddol – lollibon (MaDiSoN VS Daleduro) [link]
2008’s APC faves in one mash
#06 Copycat – A Smalltown Monday Solution [link]
the Cat goes synth pop
#07 Phil RetroSpector – Back To Virginity [link]
Phil should produce the next Madonna album
#08 LeeDM101 – Suspicious Miracles [link]
Elvis lives and he is in Ibiza
#09 Panic Girl – Tell Me [link]
the biggest surprise on APC this year
#10 Milow – Ayo Technology (50 Cent cover) [link]
the best cover version in 2008

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