Cafe del Mash – Naturally Feeling Blue


Had a stressful week?

Then take a deep breath & unwind to the latest Mashup Industries compilation.
Cafe del Mash – volume one,  features chilled out trax & ambient grooves from your favourite bootleggers including Naturally Feeling Blue by this self-confessed melancholic


& exhale…

Café del Mash [rar / torrent ]
01. Intro
02. Tone396 – Tone Makes Snow Patrol Happy
03. DJ Schmolli – Love Upgrade Chance
04. ElectroSound – Enjoy A Last Tango In Paris
05. Apollo Zero – Gentle Stranger
06. DJ Clivester – Groove Is In The Lounge
07. ThC – The Insomnia Time Is Now To Forget Me
08. Phil RetroSpector – Naturally Feeling Blue
09. RIAA – Happy Heart Of Home
10. Norwegian Recycling – Radioghost
11. ATOM – Cold Colors Fix Your Soul
12. KrazyBen – Betty Blue Was Taken Away
13. Marc Johnce – Dont’t Be Miles Away
14. PingPong – Homebase Signs
15. LEEDM101: Feist – Honey (LDM’s Lowland Remix)
16. QUBIC – Waiting For The Morning Twilight
17. Outro

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