Stories For A Melancholic – DJ UMB MIX


Stories For A Melancholic is a lush and sublime mix by DJ UMB, a global beats & chill maestro and one half of SHISHA SOUND SYSTEM, dedicated to and inspired by (his words, not mine) this self-confessed melancholic.


1. Phil RetroSpector – Sleepwalking For Hours
2. Antony & Johnsons – Mysteries of Love
3. Phil RetroSpector – Bluebird Blackout4. Apparat – Where He At
5. Phil RetroSpector – Naturally Feeling Blue
6. Jordi Savall – Les Pleurs
7. Bliss – Sleep Will Come
8. Phil RetroSpector – Jude’ll Fix It
9. Monica Queen – I’m Sorry Darling
10. Tindersticks – My Oblivion
11. Overdub  – Exit Music For a Film
12. Phil RetroSpector – Heaven’s Drive-In
13. Platon Andritsakis – Via Pajuta (Umb Edit)
14. Phil RetroSpector – The Good, Bad & Creepy
15. Phil RetroSpector – Back to Virginity
16. Life in Mono – Life in Mono
17. Amiina – Souvenir

Check it out here and then go buy a copy of their brilliant new release
Cafe Paradiso
compiled & Mixed by Shisha Sound System

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