solipsistic NATION No. 150


solipsistic NATION broadcasted the very best of all genres of electronic music from Free Radio San Diego 96.9 FM every Sunday night from 10 PM – 12 AM.  Now After almost three years of relentless podcasting,
solipsistic NATION No. 150 – is ALL MASHED UP!
Tracklisting below

  1. Go Home Productions “Crazy Little Fool” 
  2. DJ Danger Mouse “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
  3. Soundhog “Get This Supernaut Started”
  4. Go Home Productions “Ray Of Gob (Original Mix)” 
  5. d s i c o “Dirty Bottle”
  6. Party Ben “Somebody Rock Me (The Clash vs. The Killers)” 
  7. Loo & Placido “Should I Stay Or Should I Boogie”
  8. Go Home Productions “Wrapped Detective (Full Version)” 
  9. Phil RetroSpector “Step Together” 
  10. d s i c o “2 Turntables are Ice”
  11. Phil RetroSpector “Naturally Feeling Blue” 
  12. Go Home Productions “Ain’t No Sunshine In My Closet” 
  13. Pilchard “The Doors take a Walk Down Sesame Street and Learn to Spell the Macarena”
  14. Alex C “Count It Out”
  15. Go Home Productions “Sexual High”
  16. Mighty Mike “Massive Fear (Massive Attack vs. Lily Allen)”

Download after the jump

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