For some strange reason, Gulity Pleasures by APC  Vol.5 – Bootlegproof? completely slipped my mind when it came to picking sounds  that pricked up my ears this month. Doh! Anyhow, check out the list,   ’twas a great month for music.

#01 The Golden Filter – Thunderbird [link]
Consistently Improves with every spin…
#02 The Flaming Lips – I Can Be  A Frog [link]
U can be whatever u wanna be…
#03 Massive Attack ft Tunde Adebimpe – Pray for Rain [link]
The drought is nearly over, album drops Oct. 5th
#04 Fever Ray – Seven/Video [link]
Inspired, macarbe, haunting…
#05 Flying White Dots – CMYK [link]
Masterpiece in four glorious colours
#06 Dunproofin’ – Pjanoo Dance [link]
Ziggy played the Prydz…
#07 Simon Iddol – Maximum Burnout, The Album  [link]
Si’s ode to joy! He took us home, broken, got deep, set us on fire, Maximum Burnout!
#08 Dj Le Clown – In The Middle Of The Line [link]
Power Serge!
#09 DJ Paul V – Might Like Ghosts Better [link]
Better than sex with Tron

#10 Okiokinl – Up In The Cotton Club [link]
Finger pickin’ good

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