RetroSpector’s Top 10 – October


Here’s my personal fave’s posted at AudioPorn Central over the last month.
Check out the official APC Top 10 after the jump.

#01 John Boswell – A Glorious Dawn [link]
Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking discover the sound of the cosmos.

#02 lobsterdust – Alone Wit Chu [link]
Recipe for an instant classic: Take some Air, add a little lobsterdust…
#03 The Found Sound Orchestra -Memorabilica  [link]
Team9 side projecct, a cut ‘n paste masterwerk!
#04 Pheugoo – Hurt Wit Chu [link]
Pink is the nu black!
#05 Mathias Mental – She’s A Character [link]
8-bit switchblade nerdcore from the wrong side of the trax
#06 Copycat – The Other Wedding Song [link]
This cat has nine lives wives
#07 DJ Axel – Steppin’ Out Wherever You Like [link]
#08 Vitalic – Poison Lips [link]
lipstick it on repeat!
#09 Voicedude – I Scrubbed The Sheriff [link]
Made with real TLC, effortless…
#10 Moby – Mistake  [link]
The only mistake is maybe placing this at #10.
This track rawks, the album’s even betta!

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