Billie Ray Martin + Cabaret Voltaire + the APC All Stars


When Billie Ray Martin told Stephen Mallinder she had just finished the job of selling out Cabaret Voltaire to disco, he burst out laughing. The legendary head of famed electronic band Cabaret Voltaire saw no reason to stop her. Instead, he agreed to deliver his first vocal performance in years on Billie’s cover of the Cabs’ song The Crackdown. Produced by top Berlin tech-house act Maertini Broes, this production brings Billie Ray Martin back to her cutting-edge house music roots.

Second in line to be out-discoed was the song Just Fascination. This time, the UK’s finest nu-disco producer Lusty Zanzibar delivered the production. The result is a no holds barred epic nu-disco fest. Remixes were delivered not only by Billie’s Your Loving Arms co-writer David Harrow (under his Oicho moniker), but also by AudioPorn Central’s remix team: Celebrity Murder Party, Copycat, Divide & Kreate, Dunproofin’, Flying White Dots, Year Zero and Phil RetroSpector.


The Crackdown Vol.1 – Sold Out To Disco drops 15th February 2010


The Crackdown Vol.2 – Darkness Restored drops 15th March 2010

Check Billie’s blog for more details and make sure to join the mailing list for more info, snippets ‘n stuff.

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