Big thanks to Radio Z – 95.8 FM Nuremberg for spreading some melancholia through the airwaves.
Here’s the playlist.

evangelista – i lay there in front of me covered in ice
the chap – i saw them
alexis gideon – ock waves (creation myth)
cortney tidwell – son and moon (hands off cuba remix)
tone – i am long
phoenix – love like a sunset (animal collective remix)
culture reject – museums
devendra banhart – baby
phil retrospector – forbidden young folks
soulo – yorktown for nine months
dub tractor – sorry
bibio – haikuesque (the gentleman loser´s whispers in the rain mix)
tim & puma mimi – chocolate junkie
leyland kirby – when we parted, my heart wanted to die (friedrichshain memories)
cio d’or – goldbrokat
shackleton – mountains of ashes
aoki takamasa – rn2-09 pt 1 + pt 2
sigha – rawww
2562 – superflight
drums of death – got yr thing (starkey remix)
joe goddard – sour grapes
die voegel – blaue moschee

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