APC TOP 20 – 2009

The official AudioPorn Central 2009 compilation features twenty one trax from your favourite artists. Download & play it loud!

APC TOP 20 -2009 [download zip@MediaFire]

01 The Rodeo – Amazing (Kanye West cover) [link]
02 Grandpamini – Russians like to move it too [link]
Reel 2 Real VS VV
03 De Tropix – Brap [link]
04 Terry Lynn & Johan Hugo– Jamaican Girls [link]
05 El Barto & Liam B – KRAFTWERK + MOVADO [link]
Mavado VS Kraftwerk
06 team9 – Crossed Eyed People [link]
Empire Of The Sun VS The Gossip VS Black Eyed Peas VS Music Go Music
07 Camille – Home Is Where It Hurts (David Rubato Version) [link]
08 Copycat – The Other Wedding Song [link]
Billy Idol VS Red Hot Chilli Peppers VS Black Eyed Peas VS Madonna VS Bon Jovi
09 Phil RetroSpector – Endless Yellow [link]
Lionel Richie & Diana Ross VS Coldplay
10 DJ Schmolli – The Trooper Believer [link]
Iron Maiden VS The Monkees
11 ToToM – Like an Aces of Spades [link]
Madonna VS Motörhead
12 The Kleptones – Voodoo Sabotage [link]
Beastie Boys VS The Prodigy
13 lilith the kitten – rave invaders [link]
lilith the kitten VS The Prodigy
14 Crimes Against Disco – Stuck On The Kill [link]
La Roux VS Little Boots
15 Pheugoo – Get the Day n Night Started [link]
Pink VS Kid Cudi & Crookers
16 Clivester – Just A Little More Religion [link]
R.E.M. VS David Guetta
17 Dunproofin’ – Pjanoo Dance [link]
David Bowie VS Eric Prydz
18 Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix) [link]
19 the XX – Shelter (Them Jeans drum edit) [link]
20 Lenka – Trouble Is A Friend (Eli Escobar remix) [link]

+ previously unreleased bonus track
Simon Iddol – i can’t stop you better [mp3]
Amanda Blank – Might like you better
Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop (Aeroplane remix)

Here’s my personal favourites over the past twelve months.

#01 Acid Washed – General Motors, Detroit, America [link]
Philip Glass swallows a disco-biscuit. Hypnotic as hell
#02 John Boswell – A Glorious Dawn [link]
Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking discover the sound of the cosmos.

#03 lobsterdust – Alone Wit Chu [link]
Recipe for an instant classic: Take some Air, add a little lobsterdust…
Boot of the Year IMO

#04 Femme En Fourrure – Plump Biscuit [link]
X-Press2 from start to Finnish!!!
#05 Simon Iddol – L.E.S. Girls (MaDiSoN VS Santigold) [link]
The dream team strikes again, kitty power!!!
#06 1086 Productions – Mashed In Plastic Movie [link]
Think Blu Velvet Ray
#07 Massive Attack – Paradise Circus [link]
NSFW Triptease!
#08 Laurent Garnier – Pay TV [link]
Sex, Synth, Man, Machine in perfect harmony
#09 Clivester – Heartbreaking Maps [link]
More infectious than Swine-flu
#10 The Golden Filter – Thunderbird [link]
Alchemical Bros !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#11 dadahack – Hello (Freelance Hellraiser RMX) [link]
Like being trapped inside a game of Space Invaders, brilliant!
#12 G3rst – XXX Girl From Ipanema [link]
All that Jazz Jizz
#13 La Roux – Bulletproof (Nancey remix ft. Matt Hemerlein) [link]
The perfect prequel to APC’s R U Bootlegproof?
#14 Vitalic – Poison Lips [link]
Lipstick it on repeat!
#15 O.Children – Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter Remix) [link]
A brilliant original gets the Midas touch

#16 team9 on Ministry of Sound radio [link]
Natural Porn Chiller
#17 Flairs – Truckers Delight [link]
NSFW 8-bit Yorkie porn
#18 Dunproofin’ – Pjanoo Dance [link]
Ziggy played Pjanoo
#19 Music Go Music – Warm In The Shadows [link]
Perfect for Fifty-Foreplay!
#20 MENEO – PAPI [link]
Dandy dildo anyone? all time APC fave!!

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