Billie Ray Martin: The Crackdown Project

Towards the end of last year, I was asked with AudioPorn Central’s Remix team to turn my hand to something official. That something was Billie Ray Martin‘s – Crackdown Project, which saw Billie team up with Stephen Mallinder from
Cabaret Voltaire
, and rework some Cabs classix. Martini Broes and Lusty Zanzibar are also aboard – as is David Harrow, the co-writer behind “Your loving arms”, Billie Ray Martin’s worldwide smash hit and dance classic from the 90s.

Volume 1 – Sold Out To Disco drops 15.02.2010 and features remixes from Stephen Malinder & Maertini Broes, Lusty Zanzibar, Copycat, Flying White Dots, Divide and Kreate, Celebrity Murder Party

Volume 2 – Darkness Restored drops 15.03.2010 and  features remixes from David Harrow, Dunproofin’, Celebrity Murder Party, Light Programme and
Phil RetroSpector.


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