RetroSpector APC TOP 10 – January

January was a weird month in the bastard-pop world.
First it was R.I.P. Aggro1
then the news that team9 had hung up his ‘boots’, so to speak…
Maybe we are becoming an endangered species,
in the meantime, here’s what pricked up the ears over the past month

#01 The Kleptones – Uptime/Downtime [link]
Downtime, possibly my favorite collection of boot trax, ewwa
#02 Panic Girl – Burn & Rise [link]
Great track, brilliant video by Reza Dolatabadi. Lets Panic!
#03 Hell feat Bryan Ferry – U Can Dance [link]
Whoever said Bryan Ferry went to Hell is right!
#04 ToToM – Teardrops Fly Around [link]
Lenny’s Massive Trousersnake!
#05 Simon Iddol & Phil RetroSpector – I Can Stop You Better [link]
The Dream-Team strikes again!
#06 Wax Audio – Two Time Blonde [link]
Good Mojo risin’ by Wax Audio, visuals by Reborn Identity
#07 Gil Scott-Heron– Me And The Devil[link]
Hell Yeah!
#08 Soul II Soul – Back To Life (The Rules Remix) [link]
Hate the original, luv this remix, what’s that about?
#09 Various – Je Deteste Serge Gainsbourg [link]
Je t’aime, just wish I was on this
#10 Massive Attack – Girl I Love You (She Is Danger Remix) [link]
Tik-tok, tik-tok… Feb 9th, not long now!

The Official APC TOP 10 can be found here

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