RetroSpector TOP 10 – February

Here’s what shuffled round this self-confessed melancholic’s whypod over the past month…

#01 Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)[link]
This Gui managed to improve on Mazzy Attack’s best track in years, pure sonic halcyon
#02 Panic Girl – Burn & Rise EP [link]
Shades of Alison Shaw from The Cranes goin’ on (that’s a good thing btw)
#03 Café del Mash –Volume 2 [link]
MI managed to trump Volume 1 IMO, standout track Reborn Identity’s – I’ve Never Missed You
#04 LeeDM101 – Chain Assault [link]
Props for the use of John Carpenter Theme from ‘Assault On Precinct 13′
#05 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby [link]
Soooooooooooo ‘Ron Markson’ methinks!!!!!!!
#06 Swedish Boot Mafia does Eric Hassle – Hurtful [link]
They’re gonna remix u an offer you can’t refuse…
#07 The Album Leaf – There Is A Wind [link]
This is the sound of your Saturn returning.. er, allegedly
#08 The Rodeo – On The Radio [link]
Finger lickin’ , geetar pickin’, hell yeah!
#09 The Golden Filter – Hide Me [link]
Flawless, speechless…
#10 Larry Platt – Pant’s On The Ground (Party Ben’s Party Pants remix) [link]
Lookin like a fool, walkin’ talkin’ wit ur pant’s onda ground, giddy up… hehehe

You can grab the Official APC Chart after the jump

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