Phil RetroSpector – ELOasis [MP3]

Here’s the exclusive track I did for MashStix Alternative. It features The brother’s Gallagher’s Wonderwall’ and ELO’s – ‘Telephone Line’ from the 1977 film Joyride . Listen, grab it, then head over to MashStix and tune in to the rest of the show.’

10 thoughts on “ELOasis

  1. Absolutely brilliant 🙂 Two of my favourite bands ‘mashed-up’ !! This deserves to be a huge hit track, wonder what Jeff Lynne & Noel G think of this????

  2. Simply stunning. ELO are my all time favourite band and Ive heard both good and bad remixes. This ranks with the best. Well done.

  3. What a great mash-up…..
    Wonderwall (Oasis) and Telephone Line(ELO)
    When can we have more?

  4. I really liked that! The chorus of “Wonderwall” against the “Telephone Line” strings was my favorite bit, that was really gorgeous the way they lined those parts up. Interesting mix, well done!

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