MashStix Alternative #5

Check out an exclusive unreleased track and interview with G3RST I did for
MashStix Alternative #5
The show features some of the harder to find, non mainstream and odd bootlegs
from around the globe.

01 – Hawkins – Fat Botommed Girls Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye vs Queen)
02 – Eric Arthur – Glory Fox (Portishead vs James Bond Theme)
03 – DJ Zebra – I’m A Fireman (The Prodigy vs Spencer Davis Group)
04 – Phil Retrospector – E.L.Oasis (Oasis vs E.L.O.) (Stix Exclusive)
05 – Rillen Rudi – 21 Jokers (Steve Miller Band vs Green Day)
06 – Michmash – Lift Me Up In The Devil Car (Moby vs Jamiroquai)
07 – Fissunix – Welcome The Virgin (Madonna vs Dany Elfman)
08 – DJ Not-I – Toxictoxicity (Britney Spears vs System Of A Down)
09 – Bonus Mosh – Metallica v. The Prodigy
10 – ThE hOmOgEnIc ChAoS – Rock n Roll Star Ignorance (Oasis vs Paramore)
11 – ToTom – First Breed (Nirvana vs The Prodigy)
12 – DJ Moulé – Give This Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs The Chemical Brothers)


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