State Mix Series #15: Phil Retrospector

Phil RetroSpector – Melancholix Anonymous by philretrospector

Just did a minimix for STATE.IE

Says editor Niall Byrne,
Numero 15 in the State Mix Series comes from Galway mashup artist and bootlegger Phil RetroSpector. Phil specialises in twisting original songs into much more than dancefloor fodder, often going for the jugular of raw emotion with a heavy dose of melancholy. He often matches these rich sonic cut and paste palettes with self-made evocative videos.

With this mix, titled the Melancholics Anonymous mix, Phil RetroSpector stretches the fabric of popular music in new and interesting ways taking in contributions from Johnny Cash, Muse, Nina Simone, David Lynch, Angelo Badalamenti, This Mortal Coil and Sigur Ros.

Enjoy & weep…

8 thoughts on “State Mix Series #15: Phil Retrospector

  1. Sorry, I’m back. I’ve now had three really close listens to the this mix. Frankly, I’ve not heard anything as good as this since Nick Warren’s and Dave Seaman’s early mixes for the Back to Mine series. Seriously, Melancholics Anonymous is seriously good. It’s blown me away.

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