RetroSpector’s APC TOP10 – MAY

May was strange. Work dictated I become geographically challenged, spent most of the month off radar in search of a decent signal.Back to reality now, mainlined a whole lotta trax over the weekend. Nuff ranting, here’s what pricked up the ears from the annals of AudioPorn Central this month. As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump.

#01 UNKLE -Follow Me Down [link]
Solarized + NSFW = KEWL
#02 iamamiwhoami – u-2 [link]
Big fish, little fish, cardboard box, lol
#03 Mr Flash – Flesh [link]
UV Pervy Genius!!!
#04 Kneel Mason – (Scenes from) The Mid Lands [link]
Team9 is sorely missed, but his original soundtrack work hits all the right notes
#05 Buraka Som Sistema – Buffalo Stance [link]
A million% better than the original
#06 Mondkopf – Ave Maria (live edit) [link]
Emotional electronica at its finest.
#07 Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (Stuart Price Remix) [link]
Hate Scissor Sisters, Stuart Price is God. Nuff said!
#08 The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio [link]
Shades of Iggy Pop’s Isolation here, which ain’t a bad thing…
#09 GaraGara – Melancholy.Dirty.Stoned.4Fi [link]
Just press repeat!
#10 Smoosh – The World’s Not Bad [link]

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