Here’s what pricked up my ears over @ APC in the last month.
As ever AudioPorn Central‘s Official Chart is after the jump.

#01 Luke Dsico – Mercy Seat (Nick Cave cover)[link]
Release the bootz!!!!!!
#02 Reborn Identity – Sweet Mountain High [link]
It’ll put a hole in yo Soul!!!!
#03 Home Video – The Smoke [link]
Gawdamn beautiful…
#04 Low Sea – Berlin [link]
File under: Phil Spector meets Giorgio Moroder in a reverb chamber
#05 Sébastien Tellier – Look (Laurel Halo RMX)[link]
Speechless +1
#06 Bynar –Reigning Knights of No Man’s Land [link]
Epic, but with Mulholland Empire he set the bar REALLY high!
#07 Twin Shadow – Castles In The Snow [link]
Great track, great vid, dodgy lyrics, ah well 2 outta 3 aint bad 😉
#08 Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls[link]
Coldplay via Joy Division, ouch…
#09 Korallreven – A Dream By Korallreven [link]
featuring that Justin Bieber 800 % Slower Version
#10 Faroff – Ray No Speak Americano? [link]
It’s got Ray in it, ’nuff said!

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