RetroSpector’s TOP 20 – 2010

Here’s what struck a sonic chord with me in 2010. As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump. Happy Nu Year Y’all!!!!!!!!!

#01 Reborn Identity – Sweet Mountain High [link]
Still puts a hole in this Soul!!!!
#02 Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) [link]
Hands down, the finest remix of 2010. Even made Hope Sandoval sound like she had a pulse.
#03 Gil Scott-Heron– Me And The Devil [link]
Dare ya to listen to this backwards…

#04 BRAT – Fame [link]
Possibly the finest Bowie boot ewa IMO!
#05 iamamiwhoami – y [link]
Weird & wonderful viral heaven.
#06 Bynar– Mullholland Empire (Dark Mix) [link]
Dark & moody, just the way I like it. Did I mention BRILLIANT!
#07 Complicated Universal Cum– I can hardly wait [link]
Genius video concept. The track ain’t half bad either.
#08 The Kleptones – Uptime/Downtime [link]
Downtime, arguably the finest collection of boots, ewwa

#09 Fissunix – Doin’ The Jumpo [link]
Take it to da fridge!
#10 Luke Dsico – Mercy Seat (Nick Cave cover)[link]
Release the bootz!!!!!!
#11 APC Allstars vs The Young Punx – Mashed, Popped, Punked [link]
The album that proved Punx Not Dead!
#12 The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Baby [link]
The warmest fuzziest track of 2010, aw shucks…
#13 Mondkopf – Ave Maria (live edit) [link]
Emotional electronica at its finest.
#14 MAXENCE CYRIN – Around the world – (Daft Punk piano cover) [link]
From the album NOVÖ PIANO, hits all the right notes…
#15 Trentemøller – Sycamore Feeling [link]
Haunting as hell

#16 Panic Girl – Burn & Rise [link]
Great track, brilliant video by Reza Dolatabadi. Lets Panic!
#17 Mighty Mike – Imagine a jump [link]
Van Lennon, now that’s inspired
#18 Simon IddolPhil RetroSpector – I Can Stop You Better [link]
The Dream-Team strikes again!

#19 UNKLE – The Runaway [link]
Dark & Occultish, in a good way…

#20 Under Byen – Unoder [link]
Weird ritualistic, all-female video or avant-garde shampoo advert . You decide?

Bydaway, did I mention that we finished #2 in BT Digital Awards, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

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