RetroSpector’s Chart – February

So here’s what’s pricked up my ears over the past four weeks or so.
As ever, the official APC Chart is after the jump.

#01 Bat For Lashes – Strangelove (Depeche Mode cover) [link]
Arguably better than the original.
#02 MOTHS – ❤ [link]
Too damn talented for a 17 year old!
#03 LeeDM101 – Feeling Good, Getting Nowhere [link]
New dawn, new day, chillax…
#04 Beatles – Smack My Bitch Up Video [link]
#05 The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young [link]
Guitarslingin’ trashcan teenage angst, hell yeah!
#06 Streetlab – Lights Go Down (Dunproofin’ Remix) [link]
Awesome remix from our man Andy
#07 Moullinex – Catalina [link]
Dig dem timbales!
#08 Cut Copy – Need You Now [link]
Think OMD on prozac
#09 Divide & Kreate – Crazy In The Deep [link]
Last man standing from the Adele overload…
#10 Hank & Cupcakes – She’s Lost Control [link]
Above average Joy Division cover

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