RetroSpector’s TOP 10 – August

Bit late posting this, but better late than never…
As ever, here’s what pricked up the ears over the last month or so,
ps. The Official APC Chart is after the jump!

#01 Mondkopf – Song of Shadows [link]
Move over Aphex Twin!
#02 Go Home Productions – Super Bastard EP [link]
Lennon & McCartney back together…clever bastards!
#03 The Naked And Famous – The Sun[link]
Gotta luv that chord progression…
#04 lobsterdust – Stayin’ Hot [link]
Tony Nelly Manero? WTF!
#05 Porcelain Raft — Gone Blind Remixes [link]
CFCF remix, pick of the bunch
#06 Apparat – Black Water [link]
Moody shoegaze sonic freefall…
#07 The Beatles – Baby you’re Flying (Rhythm Scholar Mashup/Remix) [link]
Mashup/Remix, whatever it is its pretty dame fine…
#08 Still Corners – Cuckoo [link]
Reverb heaven!
#09 Mike Simonetti ft Sam Sparro – Third of the Storms [link]
Italians Do It Better…Fact!
#10 Mighty Mike – Crazy time to relax [link]
Frankie goes Seal clubbin’…

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