RetroSpector’s Top10 December

Seasons greetz! Here’s what’s been pricking up this self confessed melancholic’s ears over the past month. As ever the official AudioPorn chart is after the jump.
Check back  tomorrow for best of 2011 chart.

#01Clubfeet – Fall From Here [link]
Haunting as hell!
#02 Lana Del Rey – Born To Die [link]
Guilty! She can do no wrong…
#03 DJ Y alias JY – Personal Oxygene [link]
Jarre gets violated!
#04 Giorgio Moroder – E=MC2 (Alexander Robotnick Remix) [link]
Perfect prequel to the APC All-Stars Guilty Pleasure Vol.6
#05 MGMT – All She Ever Wanted Was Everything [link]
Awesome Bauhaus Cover
#06 E-Jitz – Def Con Wan [link]
Big Mc, fries tae go…
#07 KrazyBen – Who wants to hear Tschak?[link]
Chilly Gonzales gets all krafty…
#08 Sunday Girl – Where Is My Mind[link]
Decent Pixies cover…
#09 Lykke Li – The Lost Sessions Vol 1[link]
Acoustic version of ‘I Follow Rivers’ pick of the bunch…
#10 Yazoo – Don´t Go (Rey & Kjavik edit) [link]
Decent edit, bonus points for cover art.

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