RetroSpector’s TOP 20 – 2011

Here’s the tracks that left a lasting impression on me over the past twelve months. Thanks for dropping by, downloading, and getting in touch. As ever, official AudioPorn Central chart after the jump.Some really exciting stuff on the horizon, stay tuned… Bye bye 2011. Roll on 2012

#01 Lana Del Rey – Video Games [link]
Stunning tinseltown sadcore, jaw dropping…and then some
#02 Mondkopf – Song of Shadows [link]
Move over Aphex Twin!
#03 § – A Witch House & Okkvlt Guide To Twin Peaks [link]
Best played backwards @ 666rpm!
#04 Mike Simonetti – Capricorn Rising [link]
Fact: Italians do it better!
#05 Handsome Furs – What About Us [link]
Outsider punk pop anthem in the making
#06 Clubfeet – Fall From Here [link]
Haunting as hell!
#07 DJ Y alias JY – Personal Oxygene [link]
Jarre got violated! Best boot of 2011 IMO
#08 dj BC – Amy Winehouse Went To UMass [link]
Bee-Hive yo’self! 
#09 Tying Tiffany – Show Me What You Got [link]
Ultra dirty electropunk heaven!
#10 lobsterdust – Somebody To Praise [link]
Enforced by the Fatboy himself
#11 Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (Dave Sitek Remix) [link]
Deep sea baby
#12 Azealia Banks ft Lazy Jay – 212 [link]
Still on repeat!
#13 DJ Schmolli – Dog 2 [link]
Iggy got blurred…
#14 Tashaki Miyaki – Somethin’ Better Than Nothin’ [link]
Think Velvet Underground meet Galaxie 500
#15 Glass Candy – Warm In The Winter [link]
Shades of New Order’s Temptation here with a sprinkling of the Shangri-La’s
#16 The Naked And Famous – The Sun [link]
Gotta luv that chord progression…
#17 Michmash – I feel good [link]
Press play….feel good!
#18 The Raveonettes – Forget That You’re Young [link]
NY’s finest go soundtrack.
#20 Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf [link]
Best video 2011 by a mile…

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