RetroSpector’s TOP 10 – February

So here’s whats been pricking up this self-confesses melancholic’s ears over the past four weeks. As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump.

#01 Chromatics – Into The Black [link]
Awesome Neil Young cover 
#02 iamamiwhoami – sever [link]
beware of the waltz of the furry monster! 
#03 Roxy Music – Love Is The Drug (Todd Terje Disco Dub)[link]
Ain’t no big thing, but its got a hook in me…
#04 DJ Zebra – Blue Mondog [link]
Iggy & New Order, I wish this was longer
#05 Zebra Katz – Ima Read [link]
Dark, menacing, and damn brilliant! 
#06 Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz [link]
Apparently she used to be a dentist… 
#07 Chemical Brothers – Pourquoi (Rhythm Scholar‘s Dead Pixels Remix) [link]
Killer track, even better video by Thriftshop XL
#08 MMOTHS – ❤ [link]

#09 UNKLE – Another Night Out [link]
Luv Mark Lanegan’s vox on this
#10 CFCF – Exercise #3 (Building) [link]
Think really hi-brow soundtrack for a retro arcade game…

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