Retrospector’s TOP 10 – June

So here’s whats been pricking up my ears during June.
As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump.

#01 El Perro Del Mar – Innocence is Sense [link]
Weird, warm & wonderful
#02 Wax Audio – Mashopolos III LP [link]
Golden Teardrops, the pick of the bunch
#03 Kontravoid – Silent Visions [link]
Cold, stark, sounds great in the dark
#04 iamamiwhoami – goods [link]
Debut album ‘Kin’ dropped this month, and was very worth the wait
#05 letthemusicplay – So Tired [link]
#06 Simon Iddol – sexual tonight [link]
Now that’s what I call audioporn…
#07 Fab Mayday 
– El Paesante (Copycat & Martin Brodin Remix) [link]
Stuck in a groove, and then some
#08 DJ Schmolli
– Rock Of Ages [link]
23 audio sources, bloody speechless… ah, penalty points for Def Lepard
#09 Dead Can Dance 
– Amnesia [link]
16 years gap way too long, their new album, Anastasis is available for pr-order
#10 The Aikiu
 ♡ Pieces Of Gold [link]
Video of the month

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