This is late as hell, but I was AWOL in London for the last couple of weeks.
Anyhow, here’s what’s been pricking up these ears over the past month.
As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump.

#01  Arnaud Rebotini – Pagan Dance Move [link]
Dare ya to listen to it backwards!
#02 Giorgio Moroder vs MB Disco – From Here To Eternity (Aeroplane Remix) [link]
On repeat!
#03 Kris Menace ft Miss Kittin – Hide [link]
Sounds suspiciously like Fade To Grey, purrfect….
#04 Beach House – Wild[link]
Think Cocteau Twins with subtitles. Vid by Johan Reneck
#05 Chromatics – Cherry [link]
Magic, tragic and gawdamn nostalgic . Visuals by Alberto Rossini
#06  Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way To Fall [link]
Shoegazin amazin…
#07 Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune [link]
Cool vid by Dave Ma, but doesn’t quite capture the beauty of this track
#08 Daft Beatles– Whole Lotta Problems  [link]
Jay Z Christ!, this is bloody brilliant!
#09 The Cult – Elemental Light (SALEM Remix)[link]
Bit lite on the Billy Duffy guitar slingin’ side, but great nonetheless
#10 Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra – Do It With a Rockstar (NSFW) [link]
Just do it! 

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