RetroSpector’s TOP10 – April


Here’s what pricked up this self-confessed melancholic’s ears during April.
As ever, the official APC chart is after the jump.

#01 Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (Photek Remix)[link]
Cooler than a Nick Cave doll!
#02 Flying White Dots – Barracuda [link]
Best FWD album to date…
#03 Fissunix – Happy to love It [link]
The gospel according to Icona Pop
#04 Kraftwerk – Computer World (Alkalino re-edit) [link]
This just werks…
#05 The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed (Apollo Zero Remix) [link]
No great departure from the original but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless
#06 Kris Menace ft Black Hills – Waiting For You (Oliver Remix) [link]
Think Jan Hammer with street cred..
#07 Hervé – Lose Control [link]
Futile, shoegazey and on repeat
#08 Drop Out Orchestra – Woop Woop! [link]
Its da sound of da disco police…
Cults – Go Outside (Les Fleurs Du Mal NY Streets Remix) [link]
Warm, fuzzy and nostalgic to a fault
#10 The Alvaret Ensemble – Birds [link]
Ambient underscoring of the feathered variety

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