Mashole Vol.7 – Bob Marley Edition


The sun is shining and Vol.7 is all about Bob….
So turn on, sit back, chillax!

Mashole – Friday’s monthly @ Róisin Dubh, Galway

Bob Marley – Is This Love (Monmartre Remix)
Bob Marley – Revolution (LofiJon Remix)
Bob Marley -Jammin’ (The Apple Scruffs Remix)
Bob Marley – Soul Shakedown Party (Fort KNox Five Remix)
Bob Marley/Massive Attack – Get Up Stand Safe (DJ Zebra)
Bob Marley/Stevie Wonder – Stevie Marley (Loo & Placido)
Bob Marley/Pixies/Ulrich Schnauss – XOXOdus (Phil RetroSpector)
Bob Marley – One Love People Get Ready (Photek Remix)
Bob Marley/Noah & The Whale – Marley & The Whale ((Loo & Placido)

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