Physical – Mix 3

So here’s a little taste of some of the sounds we’ve been getting Physical to recently. As ever, thanks to all who came, broke a sweat and shook their money makers on the dancefloor.
Physical @RoisinDubh, Saturdays, 11.30 ’til late

Emanuelle – Italove
Seen On TV – Deep Red
Space (feat. Daft Punk) – Magic Fly (DJ Nobody Edit)
Sylvester – Over and Over (Hober’s Friendloop)
Mattei & Ottich – I Wanna Funk (Funkatron Mix)
Hot Toddy, IPG – Slow Motion Cowboy
Get to Know – The Big Throwdown
Yusek – Showbiz (PDM mix)
Silvano Del Gardo – From Jamaica To Brazil
Soul Clap – Misty
Daniel Steinberg – Heavy Breathing

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