“The mashup-producer with the best handle in the game”

– John Sakamoto,Toronto Star Anti-Hit List

“RetroSpector elevates mashup to an Artform”
– Bob Duskis, Six Degree Records

Phil RetroSpector is an audio-visual artist. Widely regarded as the ‘undisputed master of melancholy’, his eclectic and cinematic style has taken this global underground scene by storm. This reclusive figure mixes emotion rather than beats, stretching the very fabric of popular music (from Hi-Brow to Lo-Fi),to new and exciting contextual arenas. His debut audio sampler, Intro/Version is a sonic journey featuring moody bootlegs & haunting remixes of Johnny Cash, David Lynch, Charles Bukowski,via The Beatles & Muse. He is currently producing original audio-visual artwork for Absolut Art Collection.

Warning: Please ensure glass is half-empty before listening…


  1. you are a fulltime genius!
    I’ve been playing PhilRetroSpector tracks now for about a year in several german clubs. people just love it!
    greetings from germany and keep up your fantastic work.

  2. Suggestion:
    Heaven 17 “Let Me Go” music track supporting something you dream up for vocals. I love the story behind the original, Im going through it myself. Very melancholy right now. Maybe something feminine, futile, unforgiving?

  3. Hi:
    I work at Radio Gladys Palrmera,a spanish radio station where I have a section called “Mas allá del Mashup”(something like: Mashup and Beyond).
    We love your work… today and tomorrow we’ll play some tracks from your Introversion
    You can listen it online at http://www.rgpfm.com
    /today 20hs/ tomorrow 11hs/ spanish time.
    We would like interview you…may be by skype…may be if you booked some gig in Spain…
    Congratulations for your work!!
    Pablo Schvarzman

  4. I’m sure you’ve heard this many, many times but… Your work is brilliant! I recently joined SoundCloud and was listening to a friend’s work there and began to look around. Your name caught my eye and so I thought I’d check you out. I started listening to the Melancholix Anonymous Mix and I’ve been hooked ever since. I take long walks and your music makes me lose myself. Thank You!

    Sincerely, Mauro

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